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About CMS Certification

This highly interactive certification course provides in-depth understanding of the Scrum team-based approach to iterative development. The course trains participants in the full range of Scrum topics, from basic theory to organizational implementation, including practical applications, roles, and scaling.

About The Trainer

Kamlesh Raviani is a Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile / LeSS Coach and a practitioner. Kamlesh has trained 2000+ Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Leaders and Teams across USA, Singapore and India. His workshops are interactive. fun and free of boring powerpoints.
Kamlesh offers Scrum Training and Coaching services through Agile For Growth - An Agile Coaching and Training company that he found in 2014. Kamlesh has extensive Agile and LeSS transformation experience with large-scale Product development, coaching Sr. Leaders and helping at enterprise level.

Kamlesh has been leading teams for over two decade now and has been focusing on building hyper-productive teams for over a decade.
Two of the product development initiatives Kamlesh facilitated as Scrum Master were designed to deliver maximum customer value with a one-day Sprint with a Production deployment + customer feedback every single day.

Kamlesh is a Startup Leadership mentor. He has coached and trained Sr. leaders and founders of 26 start-ups and growing companies. Kamlesh is an international speaker and has presented at around 75 conferences, meetups and universities.

Kamlesh Raviani
Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile / LeSS Coach