Knowledge increases when we share it with other people’, said some wise man. This is so true because more we share more we learn. The education system has grown abundantly; it has no limits and no boundaries. Talking about boundaries is that one can be living anywhere in the world, can take up course from other countries to enhance their qualification. One does not have to be in physical class, the courses are available online that can be attended according to one’s suitable time. The pmp courses are designed in detail for skilling an individual to perform the role of project manager in most organized manner and are highly paid.


PMP Certification, a USA based course  is globally recognized and in demand, the PMP certification- Project Management Professional, demonstrates to the employers, colleagues and clients that a project manager has acquired project management knowledge in combination of project management experience and project management skills for the successful completion of the project. The demand for the project managers is very high and the professionals holding a Pmp Certification Bahrain at Edhut necessarily get well positioned. They deem to complete the undertaken project successfully.


  • Beginning with project management fundamentals.
  • Identifying the organizational influences and life cycle of project.
  • Working along the project management processes.
  • Initiating a project.
  • Planning a project.
  • Planning of project time management.
  • Project budget, quality, and communications planning.
  • Risk, procurement, and stakeholder management planning.
  • Execution of a project.
  • Management of project work, its scope, schedules, and cost.
  • Control over a project.
  • Completion of project.


  • The candidate is given complete information related to the course and its relation in personal context as well as in professional project experience.
  • PMIs management framework is described along with the process.
  • Identification of the core information areas
  • Recognition of appropriate response and behavioral consistence with PMI code of ethics and professional conduct.
  • Interpreting the questions, with best selected answers, in simulation with the exam environment.


  • Project Management is the effective management skill of change and is beneficial to any organization in number of ways as it provides a systematic approach to management and control of different types of project.
  • Edhut pmp certification training Bahrain ensures that organizations of all levels can reap the benefits of a well-controlled and project based approach to its business.


A person who is experienced in project management and responsible for all aspects of delivering a project, thus leading and directing the cross-functional teams needs to choose this course.

This PMP training is specifically designed for:


  • Project Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Directors
  • Engineers
  • Project sponsors
  • Planning Engineers
  • Project coordinators
  • Business Executives
  • Operations Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • IT project Managers
  • Bankers


This course is suitable for all individuals and project team members who are interested in obtaining the PMP Certification. The course is most beneficial for those interested in learning new ways of improving and increasing their productivity and is engaged in industries such as:

  • for Oil & Gas
  • telecom
  • construction,
  • manufacturing
  • power
  • IT and other industries

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