PMI Code Of Ethics & Professional Conduct

PMI Code Of Ethics & Professional Conduct

·        Responsibility

·        Respect

·        Fairness

·        and Honesty

These are the most important values for project managers. A project creates unique product, service or result. Project has a definite beginning and end. A program is a group of related projects, and a Portfolio is a group of projects and programs. Focus of portfolio management is on doing the right programs and projects, while the focus of program and project management is on doing programs and projects in the right way. OPM (Organization Project Management) is a framework in which portfolio, programs, and projects management are integrated to achieve strategic objectives. Organization Project Management (OPM) ensures that right projects are taken and resources are assigned suitably. Terminologies used for project related data are: -Work Performance data- Raw data. Example: Start date and End date -Work Performance Information- Processed data. Example: Activity Implementation Status -Work Performance Report- Physical or Graphical representation of work performance information. Example: Dashboards

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