PMP certification-Opportunity to climb great heights in your professional career path!!!!

Project Management

PMP certification-Opportunity to climb great heights in your professional career path!!!!

PMP certification Introduction:


PMP certification course has been accepted as well as globally recognized course for the project managers. The professionals are provided with training meant for project execution as well as for the development of their management skills. The sessions that are given to the students explain the whole cycle of project management. This include plan, plan execution, controlling, initiation as well as closure. After attending the training, the individuals are supposed to appear for the certification exam. IT is believed that the professionals, who are PMP certified and can, demonstrate their competency of earning higher salaries and leading to successful projects.


It is considered that on the successful completion of the PMP certification in Bahrain at Edhut will be able to hold a number of capabilities, including:


  • Determining the way of defining the scope of the project as well as developing the schedules
  • Understanding the project framework and learning the way to integrate with different parts of the projects
  • Analyzing the risk associated with the project
  • Acquisition of the skills meant for management of human resource
  • Management of the stakeholders interest in the project as well as securing acceptance
  • Getting approval of deliverables at different stages of the project


It is believed that the pmp certification is gold standard project meant for project management professionals. The Edhut PMP certification in Bahrain demonstrates to colleagues, employers as well as the clients that ensure that a project manager possesses project management experience, project management skills, project management knowledge, etc. This is required, so as to bring projects to a successful completion.


This certification recognizes the competence of an individual, which is meant to perform the responsibilities of a project manager. This is a specific experience, which is meant for directing as well as leading projects. This has commanded a high salary for the individuals, which are certified over the non-certified individuals. It has been seen that there is a huge demand for the individuals, who are skilled project managers. It is considered that the project management certification is meant to help the project managers, so as to be a better team leader. This is possible by honing their skills in the key areas of expectation, motivation and expectation. This is done, so as to resolve a problem.  The popular institutes like Edhut ensure that the learning programs that have been designed by them ensure that they are highly equipped to get their certification clear. This is considered as a guide to the project management knowledge.


Below mentioned is the eligibility criteria meant for the individuals going for this certification course:


  • The individual is required to possess a secondary degree or an associate degree.
  • The individual must have an unique experience of 5 years in leading or directing projects
  • Also he/she must possess 35 hours of experience in project management education.

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