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Program Management Professional (PgMP®) Certification Live Virtual

  • Edhut study material curated by certified industry experts.
  • Tips, guidance, sample applications and review support to complete your PgMP® Exam Application.
  • Globally recognised course Instructor who have helped hundreds of aspiring PgMP professionals around the world.
  • Mock/Simulation tool access with 1000+ exam questions which are closed to actual certification exam.
  • Access to online video course for post training concept revision.
  • 100% Support & Guidance.
  • Post Training Support/ Gap Assessment until you clear your PgMP® certification.
  • ECO (Exam Content Outline) detail session.
  • 24 PDUs to renew your PMP or other existing certificates.
  • Exam Strategy, Tips and tricks to pass in first attempt.

PgMP Certification Overview

This program is designed to empower participants with complete knowledge of Program Management practices from PMI USA and helping them to clear PgMP certification on their very first attempt with Above Target score.

Edhut presenting extensive training on Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification from PMI. This training course will prepare participant for PgMP certification examination along with empowering them with implementation knowledge of program management practices.

Participant would be trained with tools and templates of program management. Every concept is explained with a case study from real programs and participant would be experiencing hands-on implementation of program management practices. Furthermore, this is not just a traininpg course on PgMP concept but it’s an engagement program until you get certified.

    Flexible Dates

    • • Choose Start Date
    • • Reschedule After Booking
    • • Weekend / Evening Option

    4-Hour Sessions

    8-Hour Sessions

    Course Prerequisties

    To be eligible for PgMP certification you must meet certain educational and Professional experience requirements

    Educational Background Project Management Experience Program Management Experience
    Secondary diploma (High school diploma,associate's degree or blobal equivalent) Minimum four years (6000 hours) of unique non-overlapping professional project experience* Minimum seven years (10500 hours) of unique non-overlapping professional program management experience**
    Educational Background Project Management Experience Program Management Experience
    Four year degree (bachelor's degree, blobal equivalent or higher degree) Minimum four years (6000 hours) of unique non-overlapping professional project experience* Minimum seven years (6000 hours) of unique non-overlapping professional program management experience**

Who should attend?

Project managers, Senior Managers, Functional Managers, Program managers, PMO / PMO consultants or anyone who typically support or manage project/program containing complex activities spanning functions, organizations, clients and geographic regions.

However, this course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of program management.

Key Learning Objectives of (PgMP)® Certification Prep

  • 1. Understand the difference between Program and Portfolio?
  • 2. Understand the difference between Project and Program?
  • 3. Understand Program components and rules that govern their inclusion into Program?
  • 4. Understand Program artifacts such as Program Business Case, Program Charter, Program Roadmap, Program Benefits realizations Plan, Benefits Register, etc.,.?
  • 5. Understand five Program Performance Domains, Strategic Management, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Program governance and Program life cycle?
  • 6. Understand Program Stakeholder such as Program Steering committee, Program Sponsor, Program Management Office, Program Manager, etc., and their roles and responsibility?
  • 7. How to define benefits, benefits metrics, and map benefits to program component?
  • 8. What is Program Strategic alignment and which artifact aligns program with organization strategic alignment?
  • 9. Understand Program life cycle and various activities performed during phases of Program Life cycle?
  • 10. What is program governance, governance model, governance goals, governance activities, governance support function, etc.,.?
  • 11. Understand the concept of Program Value delivery?
  • 12. Understand Importance of Program Transition Plan and Program sustainment Plan?
  • 13. Understand Program Financial Management and Resource Management related concept and activities?
  • 14. What is Program Infrastructure and its importance?

Course Module

Introduction to PMI standard of Program Management

  • Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio
  • The Relationship between Program Management, Operation Management and Organizational Strategy
  • Role of Program Manager
  • Program Manager Skills and Competencies
  • Introduction to Portfolio and Program Governance board and Office

Program Management Performance Domain

  • Definition of Program management performance domain
  • Program Life-Cycle Phases and Activities
  • Program Management Performance Domain interaction

Program Strategic Alignment

  • Organizational Strategy and Program Alignment
  • Program Mandate and Business Case
  • Program Plan & Program Roadmap

Program Lifecycle Management

  • Introduction to Program lifecycle
  • Program Definition phase, it’s sub-phases and activities
  • Program Benefits Delivery Phase and It’s Activities
  • Program Closure Phase, its sub-phases and its activities

Program Benefits Management

  • Introduction to Benefits Lifecycle and alignment of Benefit lifecycle to Program Lifecycle
  • Introduction and Creation of Benefit Dependency Map (BDM)
  • Scoring Benefits, Finalizing Benefits Path and Preparing Benefit Register
  • Preparation of BRP (Benefits Realization Plan), Benefits Trajectory and Benefit Distribution Map
  • Mapping Benefits to Program Management Plan
  • Introduction to Benefits Transition / Sustainment process and its activities definition

Program Governance Performance Domain

  • Introduction to Program Governance domain
  • Prioritized governance goals
  • Governance Structure and Composition
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Issue Escalation, Audit and Quality Management

Program Stakeholder Management

  • Introduction to Program Stakeholder Management
  • Program Stakeholder Identification
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning and linkage to Communication Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Question and Answer Sessions – Discussion on Addon Skills PgMP Question Bank
  • Discussion on PgMP Application Filing
  • Discussion on Exam Question Patterns and Strategy


All candidates must pass two evaluations that include:

Application panel review during which a panel of program managers review your work experience and verify any aspect of your application.

The multiple-choice examination calls upon you to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge to a variety of situational or scenario-based questions.

A panel of program managers has been appointed to serve as the application reviewers for the PgMP credential. PMI carefully selected members of this panel for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of program management. Since PMI appoints these members, there is no formal process available to the public to serve as a volunteer in this capacity. To protect applicants against any potential review bias, PMI will not provide candidate names, demographics, or employment information to the reviewers.


Please send in an email to, and we will call you to discuss further.

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Why Edhut?

PgMP Application Support : Participant will be guided/supported thoroughly for application process. We will help you prepare this application as per PMI's requirements and will make sure that it get approve in first attempt by panel.

Study Material : We will provide comprehensive course material & training handout’s which has helped our participants clear this certification on their very first attempt. You don’t have to invest anything toward study material such as question bank, reference book, etc., other than Addon Skills material.

Question/Answer sessions : There will be Q&A sessions focused on certification exam post completion of training program via webinar. Participant will be provided with Question bank which will simulate actual exam question pattern.

Training Delivery Method : Our training delivery methods have evolved over past many years. Our approach is unlike traditional player, we ensure participant are engaged, we encourage questioning and brainstorming over every topic and moreover concept are aligned to real program case studies for concrete understanding.

Our Expert Trainer : Our trainers are not only certified on training their subject areas but they are experienced professionals having over 20 years of global management and consulting career in top-notch enterprises & have also gone through training delivery courses such as Train the Trainer (T3) Certification.

Post Training Support : We will provide hand-holding and support, as and when you require, till you pass the exam. You can re-join any of our ongoing batches, post completion of your training boot camp.